Dr. Jose Nebot participates in the Conference on Applied Sciences in Sport in the framework of the America’s Cup 2021

The doctor was one of the speakers and was responsible for the presentation on “Cartilage injuries. How do I treat them?”

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the doctor Jose Nebot orthopedic surgeon Vitas Castellon Hospital, Vitas Valencia 9 October and Vitas Valencia Consuelo, participated in last June 10 by broadcasting in Conference of Applied Sciences in Sports. An event organized by the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and sponsored by CONMEBOL and FIFA, in the framework of the Copa America 2021.

The doctor was one of the speakers at The 2nd Asian Football Confederation of Applied Sciences Conference He was responsible for the presentation on “Cartilage injuries how do I treat them? “. Most cartilage injuries occur in the area of ​​greatest load in the knee, the medial condyle or femoral condyle. It is relatively common to be associated with other sports injuries such as injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament or meniscus. According to the professional, “various techniques range from andEndoscopic debridement, arthroscopy, microfracture to superficial or deep abrasion. At this conference, I evaluated different surgical options from cell culture of chondrocytes through meshes and collagen gel, presenting real interventions for these options and noting their advantages and disadvantages.”

The main elements on which exhibitions were held at the aforementioned conference are: Injury prevention in soccer, soccer player’s kneeCommon conditions in football, tendon injuries, medicine and sports disciplines applied to football. Each of the planned modules has different topics, which were taken up by the rest of the lecturers. For the specialist, “It is so I am proud to have been invited by the scientific committee of the conferenceworld-renowned speakers in football medicine will be participating.”

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Dr. Nebot has extensive experience in sports trauma. He was Head of Medical Services for Levante UD First League from 1993-2008, as well as President of Hispamef (Spanish American Football Association) from 2008 to 2010 and President of Aemef (Spanish Football Association Doctors) from 2008-2012 It is noteworthy that the Valencia doctor Continues as a member of UEFA’s Anti-Doping Committee Since July 2011, the FIFPro Commissioner has continued his renewal as the players’ representative.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Dr. Nebot has recently been incorporated as Associate Professor of Traumatology Teaching class for medical and physical therapy students CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia s Castellon.

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