Dozens of interactive workshops make up the “Spring of Science” hosting Paseo de la Libertad on May 5

Simple. April 25, 2023. Dozens of interactive workshops, distributed in different tents, make up the “Spring of Science” initiative that will take place on May 5, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, on Paseo de la Libertad. In addition to these workshops, there is another booth where you can take a 360-degree virtual visit to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM).

This media activity constitutes a “science fair” aimed at promoting interest in research and the scientific field. It is organized by the city council and Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the Regional University (UCLMdivulga)In cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Advisor, Laura Avellaneda, presented this morning the programming of this initiative, with UCLMdivulga coordinator, Alberto Najera, and journalist for this module, Roman Escudero.


Avellaneda explained that this science fair will publicize the work being done by the faculties in various fields of knowledge in terms of research. He, especially the younger ones, can find out what is being done at Albacete and UCLM on scientific matters and keep them interested.

The head of the Entrepreneurship Department stressed that the “Spring of Science” seeks to continue other media initiatives that have been developed. Thus, Avellaneda and Nájera pointed to the enormous interest generated by the European Researchers’ Night organized by UCLM last September in the Abelardo Sánchez Park.

They also agreed to thank all the research groups and researchers who are making Spring of Science possible this year. In this sense, they encouraged the citizens to visit the Paseo de la Libertaire on May 5, to enjoy the various workshops organized and to get close to science and the progress achieved thanks to it.

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For his part, Escudero hopes that activities of this kind will especially help the younger ones become passionate about science and research. After that, I outlined in detail the workshops that will be carried out. Besides the virtual visit, ten educational and fun workshops have been identified in which both boys and girls can participate. Each of them will have a short duration so that the attendees can go through all or at least most of the activities.

The Intellectual Capital Research Group (IOGR) of the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences in Albacete will develop the workshop “Are you a happy family?” For its part, the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Literature and the Arts (LyA), from the Faculty of Humanities, proposes the educational activity “Vida slow”. The art and literature.

The Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers will also attend “Echale ingenuity”, while the Botany, Ethnobiology and Education Research Group, affiliated to the College of Education, has prepared a “Enjoy Learning Science” workshop.

In this science fair you can also find a very interesting initiative from the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers under the title “Échale ingenuity”. There will also be a research group from the Graduate School of Computer Engineering with “Artificial Intelligence Everywhere”.

“Experience and Learn” is a proposal from the College of Pharmacy at this exhibition, while the Renewable Energy Research Institute (Biomass Department) will lead the “Energy Forever” workshop.

“The Heart and the Salt of Life” for the Faculty of Medicine. “Best in a Team,” from the School of Labor Relations and Human Resources; As well as “You’re in the Bones” from the College of Pharmacy, complete the various workshops offered.

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