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Whatsapp plus It constantly changes its application, which is why the red version has become one of the favorites of some users, and we offer you the latest version, fully updated as of November 2023.

This version has almost the same functionality as any APK from WhatsAppModified features, such as knowing who is “online” without entering the conversation, knowing who has changed their profile picture and the ability to send so-called carousel videos.

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but, WhatsApp Plus Red It tends to vary in content almost monthly, which is why today we will provide you with the APK download link.

How to download WhatsApp Plus Red: latest version

  • WhatsApp Plus Red, in addition to the color, has many new features for all its fans.
  • We will select a menu in the bottom area to quickly access all functions.
  • The first thing you should do to download WhatsApp Plus Red is to make a backup of your regular WhatsApp.
  • When you save it to Google Drive, you have to delete the Meta app.
  • Once done, you just have to install WhatsApp Plus Rojo using this .
  • Now grant the corresponding permissions to your browser to be able to access third-party applications.
  • At that moment, read the terms of use of the APK, then enter your cell phone number and at that moment get the verification code.
  • When you’re done you can chat with all your friends.
  • Remember that each version of WhatsApp Plus Rojo is updated every month, so you should keep an eye on future APKs.
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What’s new in WhatsApp Plus Rojo: Latest version as of November 2023

  • New topics: With WhatsApp Plus, if you don’t like the red color, you can modify the entire platform by downloading a variety of themes that not only change the color of the APK, but also change the icons and letters. But yes, they can come with ads.
  • New colors: You can also modify part of the red WhatsApp Plus colors. This way you have the option of being able to put everything as it is in the Meta app currently, i.e. minimal.

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