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Want to know how it is . You are in the right place If you want to try the unofficial version of WhatsApp, we at Depor will teach you how to install the latest APK properly. This way you will be able to enjoy the multiple functions that it offers.

Look: What’s new in WhatsApp Plus: Latest APK 2022

for This latest update is in V22.00 for January 2023. And installing it is very special, as it is a WhatsApp Mods application that is very similar to the official messenger, as it has many features and removes restrictions that negatively affect the chat experience.

What should you know about WhatsApp Plus? It is one of the first apps that comes to mind when we think of WhatsApp mods, and it has caused quite a stir due to its features. Let’s take a closer look at the WhatsApp Plus APK, which offers similar features to the WhatsApp Premium service.

▷ What is WhatsApp Plus and how does it work?

It is a modified app. This gives you more features For example, you have the possibility to change the color of the entire platform, hide the “Type”, prevent deletion of photos and videos that are viewed only once, and even download the profile picture of any of your friends.

▷ What should you know before installing WhatsApp Plus for free?

Before starting the process, it’s good to know Whatsapp plus It is one of the most popular applications on the Android platform, and although it is an unofficial MOD of the original application, also known as WhatsApp + or WhatsApp Plus Holo. Considering that it is an “unofficial” MOD, we cannot download it directly from the Google Play Store.

Thanks to those developers of this MOD, Might Download whatsapp plus free on your Android device is a reality. If you want to take advantage of the same advantages of the official WhatsApp, but with an interface customized in your own way, here we explain how to do it with this small tutorial.

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▷ Features and advantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus for free

Although WhatsApp Mods are superficially similar to the official WhatsApp messenger, they contain many features not found in WhatsApp and remove restrictions that negatively affect your chatting experience. For example, the original version of WhatsApp does not allow users to download contacts status videos or send large files or documents.

Alternative apps for WhatsApp have many advantages over the official apps and have been popular for a long time, and WhatsApp has not taken any legal action against users or developers yet. This may sound risky, and in fact it is, but so far there have been no major security issues.

  • Choose interface colors and font size as you like.
  • Send videos and other files in a much larger size.
  • Send and download photos and videos without losing quality.
  • Share content faster.
  • Copy and paste partially, where you can choose only the part of the message text that interests you.
  • Hide your profile picture.
  • Note the last connection time and statuses from the chat screen.
  • Put different themes in the app.
  • Schedule new messages
  • Set an automatic message
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Technology Showcase

▷ How to install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on mobile?

  • to be able to download WhatsApp Plus V22.00 You need to uninstall the normal WhatsApp.
  • It is best to back up your conversations.
  • Remember that if you do not like WhatsApp Plus V22.00 You can go back to normal WhatsApp.
  • Download now WhatsApp Plus V22.00 There are no advertisements or ads using this .
  • Grant the corresponding permissions to your cell phone to install third-party apps.
  • Then register your number and enter the verification code.
  • After that you can use WhatsApp Plus V22.00 on your mobile phone.
  • Always remember to keep it updated to avoid possible penalties by regular WhatsApp.
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To download WhatsApp Plus V22.00 to your cell phone, you must uninstall the regular WhatsApp. (photo: WhatsApp)

▷ What are the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

It’s basically customization. In the original base that a large part of the population knows, remember the simple green interface, since in this version it is blue. In addition, all creative tools for design are considered within the application.

In terms of their functions, you can choose who can call or write to you and who cannot. Also, as you will understand, this is not legal, in any aspect of your system, except for the already known core application.

Being illegal, you will obviously not be able to download it on official websites or stores, so it will be very common to go to external servers that understand this system offered. Therefore, its code and encoding are not original, and it does not include modification permissions.

▷ Why is using WhatsApp Plus a risk?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified app that can put your Android mobile phone at risk. That is why here we will provide you with a series of data for which you should not download:

  • Regular WhatsApp can block your account and with that, you will never be able to register your number.
  • It is necessary to install APK for WhatsApp Plus manually and from time to time.
  • Your chats are not encrypted and thus can be visible to any third party without you realizing it.
  • Although it does not introduce viruses, others can review your chats.
  • It is necessary to start from scratch with all your WhatsApp Plus chats.

▷ What is an APK file?

Apps and APK files offer you the same, there is no difference there, for example: WhatsApp and APK will have the same process, however, the difference is in the method of installation, while you get apps from Google Play Store automatically, APK files have to be installed and updated manually.

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▷ How do you know what is the original WhatsApp Plus?

One of the easiest ways to identify the original app is for the icon to be blue instead of green, hence its popular name “Blue WhatsApp”. Another way is to enter the application where you will see the Control Center which contains a menu with more customizable controls, from the color of the chats to their background.

How to properly install WhatsApp Plus without banning your account?

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have completely removed the regular WhatsApp.
  • To do this, go to Settings.
  • Then head to apps.
  • There look for the WhatsApp name.
  • The application will appear. It would be better to uninstall it this way.
  • If you are not sure to remove all access to normal WhatsApp, do the same steps again.
  • If a gear icon indicating WhatsApp is displayed, it would be best to uninstall it as well.
  • Now you just need to download the APK of WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone. You can do that using this .
  • After that, install the APK, but you’d better not send messages all the time, or uninstall WhatsApp Plus to use WhatsApp again.
  • Remember that the WhatsApp security code has been enhanced so that it can block accounts automatically.

▷ What are the versions of WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus: what is it and how to download the app
Discover the modified version of the popular messaging application, which adds new functions that are not available in the original version and that you would like to have.

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