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Do you want to know how to download WhatsApp Plus 2024? Downloading the application, a version with a greater number of functions with respect to the original Meta, is quite simple and you can install it on your mobile phone for free. Surely you want to chat in a more personalized way and have your app as you see fit, to give it a personal and unique touch, WhatsApp Plus 2024 APK v17.85 is what you need. In June of this year, the application will certainly continue to be renewed, and here we present the advantages of having it on your mobile phone. In addition, we will tell you about the risks related to privacy and security issues, which will definitely interest you a lot.

How to download and install WhatsApp Plus 2024 v17.85?

By following these steps you will be able to install and configure WhatsApp Plus 2024 v17.85 on your device. Always remember to be aware of the risks associated with using unofficial versions of apps.

1. Back up your WhatsApp chats to protect your important information:

  • Before making any changes, it’s important that you back up your conversations so you don’t lose your important messages. Open the official WhatsApp app, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and make a backup to Google Drive (on Android) or iCloud (on iPhone).

2. Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp from your device to avoid inconveniences:

  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your device to avoid possible conflicts while installing WhatsApp Plus. To do this, long press on the WhatsApp icon and select the Uninstall option or go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp and select “Uninstall”.
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3. Click here to download WhatsApp Plus v17.85 APK:

  • Head to the link provided to download the WhatsApp Plus v17.85 APK file. Make sure to download it from a trusted source to avoid malware.

4. Activate the option to install applications from unknown sources on your device:

  • To install apps that do not come from the official app store (such as Google Play Store on Android), you must enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security (or Privacy) > and turn on “Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown Apps”. On some devices, you may need to do this specifically for the browser you used to download the APK file.

5. Follow the steps to complete the APK installation:

  • Once the APK file is downloaded, open it from the notification bar or your file manager. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the application. Accept the terms and conditions when prompted.

6. Enter your phone number and configure your profile according to your preferences:

  • Open WhatsApp Plus, enter your phone number and follow the steps to verify your account. You may receive an SMS for verification.
  • Once verified, restore your conversations from the backup you made initially. Configure your profile (name, profile picture, status) according to your preferences and adjust additional settings offered by WhatsApp Plus.

Requirements to install WhatsApp Plus for free and quickly

Android devices:

  • Operating system version: Your device must have Android version 4.1 or higher to install and use the app.
  • Internet connection: It is necessary to have a stable internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data, to download and use the application properly.
  • Storage space: Make sure you have enough free space on your device to install the app, as lack of storage space may prevent downloading or installation.
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iOS devices (iPhone):

  • Operating system version: Your iPhone must be running iOS 10 or higher to be compatible with the app.
  • Internet connection: You must have access to an internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data, to download and use the app.
  • Storage space: Make sure you have enough space on your device to install the app, as lack of space may interrupt the installation process.
WhatsApp Plus is the version that offers many benefits to users.

What advantages does WhatsApp Plus 2024 v17.85 offer?

It is important to remember that while these features can be very attractive, WhatsApp Plus is not an official version and using it may involve security risks and the possibility of your account being suspended. Make sure to evaluate these risks before deciding to install it.

1. Breadth of customization:

  • Themes and colors: Allows you to customize almost every aspect of the user interface, from colors to entire themes, providing a more engaging visual experience tailored to your tastes.
  • Fonts and patterns: You can change fonts and text styles, adding an extra level of customization.

2. Improve privacy:

  • Vision control: Provides advanced privacy options, such as hiding your online status, disabling read receipt (double blue check), and hiding “Typing…” and “Recording audio…”.
  • Restricted access: You can set passwords or patterns to access the app, providing an extra layer of security for your conversations.

3. Advanced messaging options:

  • Automatic responses: Allows you to configure automatic replies when you can’t reply, similar to what’s found in professional messaging apps.
  • Schedule messages: You can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time, which is useful for remembering events or sending important messages at specific times.
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4. Ability to send large files:

  • Media files: Allows you to send larger files compared to the official version of WhatsApp, including videos and large documents.
  • picture quality: Provides the ability to send uncompressed photos and videos while maintaining the original quality of the file.

5. Additional features:

  • Download status: Allows you to download your contacts’ statuses directly to your device.
  • A variety of emojis: Includes a larger selection of emojis and stickers, giving you more options to express yourself.

6. Improved user interface:

  • Bubble conversations: Provides the option to display chats in floating bubbles, similar to other messaging apps, making multitasking easier.
  • Intuitive design: Many additional features are designed intuitively, making the application easy to use even with additional features.

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