Doorless and six times faster: the innovative design of the first female urinal to be launched in the UK

The innovative design of the women’s restroom was developed by Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane. Its mission is to deal with a real problem that occurs in festivals. (University of Bristol)

creators of The UK’s first female urinal investment received £250,000 ($338,639) Which will allow it to expand its spread throughout the country.

designers Amber Brubben and Hazel McShane They created Peequal Hands-free as part of a master’s degree project at the University of Bristol to Solve the “real life problem”.

according to daily Mail, the couple He used his expertise to line up for hours at music festivals To create a urinal that Six units fit inside a pizza frame.

In the design it was noted that No doors, no roof, not every toiletor designed to squat rather than sit, It is blocked from outside by curved walls Cleverly placed, it is short enough to catch a glimpse of women while they pee.

Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane, Creators "peequal" (University of Bristol)
Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane, creators of “Peequal” (University of Bristol)

This construction means that a More urinals can fit in a smaller space, and the builder claims the “fast-track toilet” is six times faster to use than a conventional cabin.

The note further specifies that the structure also Reduce your carbon footprint From Festival because Peequal can be packed and loaded onto trucks, reducing the number of vehicles needed to transport it compared to a traditional cabin.

But, testing the prototype drew some criticism, with many people wondering what happens when it rains, and others saying they would feel exposed urinating while looking at the crowd.

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On the other hand, we have announced that they are close to signing agreements to use Peequal at festivals across the UK this summer.

The photo shows a volunteer leaving the prototype of the new women's bathroom.  (Facebook social networking site)
The photo shows a volunteer leaving the prototype of the new women’s bathroom. (Facebook social networking site)

Hazel McShane told the British newspaper: “This funding is not only a huge vote of confidence in PEEQUAL, but also… Great time for urine equality around the world. We want PEEQUAL to empower women to take back their time and break the taboo on female urination. We are building a team to bring our urinals to festivals, sporting events, outdoor shows and more. “

And added: “We are very proud of changing the way women pee and doing so in a safe way that reduces the time they spend in queues. Because our urinals are standard and flat packed, only one of our festival orders this summer will take 70 truck rides, or 140 truck trips, on the roads.”

design function

McShane said that toilet on pedestall, but he adapted to a hole in the ground. “It is designed in the shape of a boat to reduce splashes and also has a small place for your clothes in the front“, It is to explain.

The duo designed the shape of the toilet bowl so that It accommodates different squatting positions (low, high and wide) which means the urinal is suitable for most women.

The image shows a demonstration of how to use the new design, without touching any element.  Follow Favorite
The image shows a demonstration of how to use the new design, without touching any element. Follow Favorite

For his part, Probin added that The time we spent queuing up for ladies’ use was “a waste of hours of women’s lives“At the beginning of the day you can look at this woman’s urinal and say ‘I’m not sure about that,’ but after a few seconds, and after I’ve waited in line for 15 minutes already — that option suddenly becomes more attractive.”

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