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Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s right-hand man, left Downing Street after a power struggle that shook the Prime Minister’s administration.

Mr. JohnsonCompany No. 10 Senior Consultant came out with a big box on Friday evening after a bitter dispute that also led to it The resignation of Mr. Cummings’ fellow voting veteran, Lee Caine As Head of Communications.

The dramatic events come ahead of the Brexit talks with Brussels as the December 31 transition deadline approaches.

Mr. Cummings and Lee Caine (right) are close allies

Sky presenter Sophie Ridge said, “It’s unbelievable to take a step back and think that at such a critical moment – a week that could have dire consequences for the future of the UK and Europe – the prime minister has lost two of his most important auxiliaries’ jobs and they have been distracted by One of the most fierce Downing Street battles Westminster watchers can remember.

What is clear is that this represents a pivotal moment for Boris Johnson.

“Last week’s battle saw the old guard burned to the ground – what we don’t know is what will come out of the ashes.”

Meanwhile, The Sun reported that there was a “tumultuous” confrontation between Johnson and Cummings over the removal of Cain and that the “angry” prime minister wanted out “sooner rather than later”.

Some reports indicated that Mr. Cummings had resigned with immediate effect, while others indicated that he and Mr. Cain would work until mid-December.

A number of Conservative No. 10 MPs have urged that this be used as an opportunity to restore many important values ​​within the party.

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Senior Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin said it was time to restore “respect, integrity and trust” to the relationship, which had been “missing in recent months.”

The Daily Telegraph said tensions inside Number 10 were escalating, with Cummings accused of providing a briefing against the prime minister.

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Monsters and Liars: The Battle for Power is 10th

The newspaper reported that Cummings was said to have told colleagues that Johnson was “inconclusive” and that he and Mr. Cain had relied on Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove for clarity.

It was also indicated that the Prime Minister was outraged by allegations by a faction headed by Mr. Cummings and that Mr. Cain was “seeing it” and his fiancée Carrie Symonds.

Meanwhile, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth highlighted the stress on the NHS and the public from COVID-19 as “Downing Street is paralyzed by the TV series of these overworked doctors”.

The prime minister’s spokesperson, James Slack, who will replace Keane in the new year, insisted that the row did not distract Johnson from the national crisis.

“What the prime minister and the government are focusing on is to take every possible step for this country to overcome the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

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