Does…space make it on the UK’s green list?

Virgin Galactic received the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concession Upgrade to a full commercial launch license, after you have successfully completed your first space flights Test crew on May 22nd. The Virgin Group Company, now empowered as As a commercial space carrier, it will be able to carry passengers into space, taking another step toward its first full-crew test flight this summer.. The announcement, made the day after the latest update of the UK’s green list of travel countries, sparked sarcastic comments in some British media. He wonders if Boris Johnson’s government will require PCR and Stone Back from space…

The amendment to Virgin Galactic’s operator license, which the company has held since 2016, is the first time the FAA has licensed a space line to fly to customers. It is an additional verification of the company’s systematic testing program, which has met the verification and verification standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said: “We are extremely pleased with the results of a recent test flight, which met our stated flight test goals. The flight went smoothly and the results demonstrated the safety of our flight system. FAA approval gives us a full commercial launch authorization. , coupled with the success of our May 22 test flight, will provide confidence as we move toward our first fully manned test flight this summer.”

The test flight of VMS Eve and VSS Unity on May 22 was the company’s third manned spaceflight and the first spaceflight from Spaceport America, New Mexico. It had a flight speed of Mach 3 and reached space at an altitude of 55.5 miles.

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After a thorough review of data collected during the flight, the company confirmed that “rocket-powered testing of the improved spacecraft and flight controls demonstrated robust performance, in line with expectations.” These improved systems, which allow for more precise pilot control, will also be implemented on future spacecraft in the Virgin Galactic fleet. The information obtained in the cockpit environment also matches the predictions.

With the May flight data analysis complete, Virgin Galactic will continue to prepare for the remaining three test flights.

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