Doctors and nurses will enjoy better conditions by moving to IMSS-Well-Well

Mexico City (nearby). – In his first presence as head of government at the “morning” conference at the National Palace, Marti Patrice confirmed that in the health network of the Government of Mexico City “we already have a supply of medicines exceeding 90% in our health centers”.

In front of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the General Director of IMSS, Zoe Robledo, Morenista was questioned about the protests of doctors, nurses and other health workers that yesterday, for the second time in the month that he was at the head of local government, they blocked various roads in protest that they said they did not They receive accurate and clear information about their transfer to IMSS-Bienestar.

“Obviously, among the medical communities in Mexico City hospitals, there is a desire to know what this process will be like. What we have told you, up to this point, is that the medical community, health workers in Mexico City, will have better conditions when they go to IMSS- Bienestar; that is, they will have job stability and improve their income.

In the face of protests, he reiterated that they were attended “through dialogue” and drew the attention of CDMX government employees to “talk to them and inform them, the Government Secretariat and the Health Secretariat. We will continue in this way, we will report every time there is a concern, and inform that this process is taking place.”

Regarding the benefits to the population of joining the IMSS well-being, Patrice Guadarrama reports that there will be better supplies of medicines and improvements in infrastructure for “many hospitals”. “We already have a supply of medicines in excess of 90% in our health centres,” he added.

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