Doctor “diesel”

a race Medicine It takes at least 6 to 7 years to obtain a medical degree. After obtaining the degree, you can practice general medicine, or obtain residency for a medical specialty. The condition for obtaining residency is to pass the national examination for applicants to Medical Residencies (ENARM).

I remember one time during my social service that I asked a doctor about the specialty of another doctor, and his answer was: The doctor is a diesel pulmonologist and I asked him again, surprised, like any diesel pulmonologist? Yes! Answer me, says pulmonologist but he is only an internist! On that occasion, the physician used word play between “diesel” and “he says” to indicate a common but unacceptable practice whereby physicians hold a specialty in which they had no training.

A very concrete case occurs with plastic surgeons and “plastic surgeons”, while a plastic surgeon has completed a medical residency of at least 6 years, after graduation as a general practitioner, which also includes training in general surgery, a plastic surgeon is usually a practicing general and only requires a degree Masters that do not have a competitive admission system as in medical residencies, and do not receive universal training in surgery, so the term surgeon applies to those who practice aesthetic medicine.

On the other hand, the patient is not aware of the situation and is prone to deception. That is, they can give you a pig in exchange for a rabbit. Fortunately for patients, this is easy to check.

The Secretary of General Education issues a certificate after completing a medical specialty. A small online search can be done to verify that a physician is qualified to develop the specialty that they claim to be on the following page:

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Another option is to check that the physician is accredited by a certification board for their specialty on the CONACEM National Regulatory Committee page: This information may also be available on the social networks of physicians, although the responsibility to verify its authenticity rests with the patient.

Last September 5th, Dr. Bale Rangel, an extraordinary person, a lover of critical medicine, but above all a close friend, passed away. Medicine in Sinaloa lost one of its best doctors.

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