Do not allow anyone to see you on WhatsApp. This is how to activate “invisible mode”. Use the application without being detected – Teach me about science

We know that for many people, WhatsApp messages can be stressful or exhausting, especially when they receive huge messages from WhatsApp groups or from people who usually send an irrational number of messages, rather than writing texts or complete sentences.

Likewise, some people feel threatened or forced to respond to certain messages when they see them online or when their contacts realize that the messages have been read by them, so they must invest time in responding. In these cases, there are several options that can allow you to use the application without being detected by your contacts. If you are interested, just follow the steps that we are sharing with you today and we are sure that they will relieve you of one or more problems.

WhatsApp in our lives

WhatsApp It has positioned itself as the most important and used app for communicating with our friends, family, clients and co-workers, due to its ease of use, the large number of options it offers to its users, its new functionality and its constant improvement on privacy and security issues.

according to Entrepreneur portalThere is no exact figure that determines the total number of WhatsApp users in Mexico, but it is estimated that there are about 63 million users in the country, which represents almost half of the population (in Mexico we live more than 131 million people). Globally, WhatsApp is estimated to have over 2 billion active users. Some of the countries with the largest number of WhatsApp users include India, Brazil, the United States, Indonesia, and Russia. The WhatsApp application is widely used in Mexico, and enjoys great spread among Internet users in the country, with about 78 million users, and for this reason it has been crowned as the most widely used application for instant messaging.

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How to use WhatsApp without being detected?

To activate Hidden mode On WhatsApp, you must follow the following simple steps:

First: Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.

Second: Go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

Third: In the Last seen section, choose No one.

Activate invisible mode, credit “Teach me about science”.

Fourth: In the Internet section, also choose Nobody.

How does stealth mode work?

Incognito mode or invisible WhatsApp allows you to hide your last online time and “Online” status from all your contacts. To activate it, you must follow the previous steps.

If you want more privacy, you can also turn off read receipts. To do this, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts and select Nobody. This way you can read the messages of all your contacts and they will not be notified that you have already read them, and in addition, they will not know when you were last contacted.

With these steps, you can maintain your privacy and prevent your contacts from knowing when you are online or when you read their messages.

We hope these tricks are very useful for you, and remember that they apply to Android mobile phones as well as to iPhones.

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