DLD is preparing for its concert at Palacio de los Deportes after its US tour

After performing some shows in several cities in the United States, the Mexican rock band is preparing to perform in… Palacio de los Deportes on July 12.

“I think platforms are very important, they give you good visibility in terms of numbers, but we don’t know how to do things other than playing guitar, we really like to practice live and communicate clearly with different people,” the musician commented. Francisco is familiar with the interview.

“We just got back from part two of DLD tour of the United StatesWhich was in Texas and the truth is that the audience reaction so far has been very good, everything has been very wonderful. “The part on the West Coast and now Austin has been amazing,” he added.

from your side Eric Neville He commented: “The reaction seems more shocked, stronger than usual in other cities. The truth is that we had a good time, in Los Angeles sold outThanks also to the whole band from that city.

In addition, the group toured Denver and Salt Lake City“, “We didn’t go, now because it was a more general tour around the country. Now we will return, in this final stage, to New York and Chicago. Then here in Mexico City.”

For the group, playing in the nation’s capital is extremely important.

“We have been checking the dates trying to provide feedback on everything that is coming, the public should pay attention, because more dates are coming after July 12. But for now, we are focusing all our energies on this presentation, because for us it is the creation of a sports palace.” Very special. We already did one the year before, but we want it to be a new experience. Edgar Hansen Otero, the group’s guitarist.

The band was on Heraldo TV. Photo: Herald Mexico

The band wants to surprise their followers, “We also want it to be different for the whole audience, a new experience, obviously with this song from the eighth tour that we are currently doing.”

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They have always had a pronounced taste for music.

“We’ve been forming as a band for over 20 years, writing music, starting out with other small indie groups, so I think that’s when you realize above all that you’re doing this because you really love it. And at that moment you wouldn’t even think that you would What we do is that we don’t have a very clear calendar, nor a specific agenda.

In this regard, they emphasized that “when music enters you, you know that it will be yours, and it is something that cannot be left behind, because it exists, and you know that you relate to it and that it is related to it.” It is the future. Somehow you want to do it, and every time you take a stage, you want to take it back, you want to get it back. “It’s so wonderful when you get to the stage and feel the warmth of the people, it’s so impressive, pure adrenaline, it’s like an addiction.” Neville.

He added: “Then you stick together and that makes you grow and there comes a way where everything becomes professional. Logically, I think when we joined the agency, we suddenly realized that we could take a lot of weight off our shoulders, and we had a lot of responsibilities.

from your side The family is joint When they started the group, it was a difficult decision.

“In my case, there was a dilemma, because I was working a 9-to-5 office job, I had been with the company for four years and they offered me a management position, but it was in Matamoros, so I had to weigh everything, and there I had to To decide whether I was going to devote myself entirely to music or pay the bills, and well, I dedicated myself to the former and now I can pay the expenses.”

“It’s always been bohemian life for us, and I couldn’t see it any other way now. And if you told me what you would do if you weren’t a musician? Well, yes, you would put me at an important distinction. But I think we’re in the same scene, and the truth is that I think it’s because of that This conviction and this love for art, this love for what we do, he gave us these stories. Hansen shared.

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They explained that the process of creation was natural.

“We got together to play covers, and everyone showed their influences, because obviously you have to come from somewhere. “So we started out playing one or two covers, but we didn’t like the vibe.”

“We always wanted to make original music because we wanted to, because I had about 13 songs already written by the time I joined the band. So there were songs, we had ideas, it was very organic, it was step by step, but in the end we knew That “we wanted to use this car to make it healing, to deliver that message that we brought.”


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