District Science Fair Developed

Thursday 16 September 2021

The event is back

District Science Fair Developed

Yesterday morning, in the facilities of the Technical Secondary Education School “Mercedes Vázquez de Labbé”, the opening ceremony of the region’s science fair was held, which resumed its face-to-face character after overcoming some restrictions set by the epidemic. .

The mayor of the municipality, Mariano Barroso, participated in this case, accompanied by the chief inspector of the district, Leonor Cabreoli; Government Secretary, Jorge Della Roca; Minister of Culture, Education and Sports Julia Cereguedo; Director of Education, Marisa Buratti; H. deliberation board, school board; Regional inspectors and district education authorities.

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to develop this district exhibition personally, after 19 very difficult months,” said the chief inspector of the district, Leonor Cabreoli, and emphasized that this achievement “adds value and allows to show everything that has been developed in the schools, with 35 research projects Of all levels and modalities, revealed on this occasion, those which were born in every institution, though perhaps not really there, since surely many of them arose in the times of the virtual classes.”

For his part, Mayor Mariano Barroso expressed his satisfaction with the return of this project, “which has a very important history in society, and from it emerged very important projects, for the benefit of children’s interest in science.”

Likewise, the President congratulated the teachers, students and parents for the commitment imposed on the implementation of the exhibition “those who, as the Chief Inspector said, came out of the house, with the support of the whole family, on very interesting and very modern topics, such as caring for the environment or Covid”

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