exclusive: Disney+ and Nat Geo have been given the go-ahead for the UK’s latest natural history series in the form of supernatural planetwho comes from hostile planet s Yellowstone Live Traje from Plimsoll Productions.

Deadline understands that the six-part series has been in production for some time and will use advanced imaging techniques to explore the hidden abilities of the various creatures. In short, it’s a bit like examining Marvel characters from the natural world.

Filmed as a world-class natural history, the show has been filmed in locations around the world, including Costa Rica, as it seeks to bring viewers closer to the enchanting stories of animals doing extraordinary things in their natural environments.

Disney+ has proven to be a major source of business for UK natural history producers. December deadline revealed that Wall To Wall is making it grow an animal For the streaming device, the premiere will begin next month. Blink movies are made meet chimpanzees In the past year, Nutopia has landed a number of major Disney+ commissions, including Will Smith’s Welcome to earth.

Plimsoll, headquartered in Bristol, UK, was founded in 2013 by ex-President of Zodiak USA Grant Mansfield. His other shows include those on Netflix. night on earth Narrated by Paul Rudd from Apple TV + small world.

Disney, Nat Geo and Blimsoll declined to comment. Supernatural planet.

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