Discover the porcelain manicure: durable, elegant and modern

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Ceramic manicure, although it is not new in the world of nail design, is gaining thousands of followers every day thanks to the variations that make it shine with its own light, and the best way to prove this to you is to show you Nail art The most beautiful thing you can show on your nails thanks to this very useful technique.

Although porcelain manicure accepts all types of designs, not all Nail art They can accompany the enchanting shine you provide. That’s why we’ve separated the most unique and stylish ones for an ultra-modern look.

Learn about the most beautiful nail arts to highlight healthy and developed hands:

Show off the wonders of your ceramic manicure with this nail art Source: (Pinterest)

this Nail art It gracefully embodies the entire aesthetic of dancers to emulate the tenderness it emanates, and is a nail design so associated with the flirty aesthetic that you can add jewelry to it for an extra touch of femininity.

The enchanting mystery of aura nails is based on the aura of energy that surrounds living beings and objects alike, and is a stunning and magical technique.

Feel the smell of money when you use these nails in the best “rich girl” style. This sober and sophisticated style is known for the use of raw, white and beige colors accompanied by luxurious golden shimmer.

The milky design is very similar to a glazed donut, but its difference is the charming watery sheen it leaves behind, very much in a “lip gloss” style, a perfect masterpiece to combine with a porcelain manicure.

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The French have moved thousands of kilometers from their starting point to offer us the most exotic and distinctive versions, so much so that in 2024 we will enjoy endless superior possibilities. elegancesuch as double French lines, curved lines, or those that suggest diagonal lines.

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