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Again, we have to talk about the Internet giant, Google, that it has a variety of services that it offers us, so that we see them all, not a single review will reach us. We know that we have used the apps offered by Google more than once but despite this, not many know the real potential of these apps.

There are some “hidden” (or not hidden to others) functions that can help us get a better user experience. And Google Maps is no exception, as it contains functions that can give us a better experience when using the application. Which is very useful for traveling, whether on foot, by transport or by bike, in fact, many users trust this Google Maps service when analyzing the path they must take to reach their destination; Also, the platform does not give the opportunity to see real-time traffic and closed roads or even know where they are Fixed and mobile radars.

This post is very useful when it comes to knowing Exact speed camera location and avoid penaltyThese fixed speed cameras are what DGT has installed, and mobile speed cameras are those that are temporarily placed by the General Traffic Department or the police and marked in blue.

First of all, we want to tell you that there is not always the possibility in Google Maps to see speed cameras. A number of steps are required for this option to work properly on the map platform.

What are the steps to be able to see speed cameras on Google Maps?

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First, the origin and destination of the flight must be determined. After that, the application will automatically show us a preview of the route. How do you realize Various icons appear with the camera on the map and orange background: These are the stationary radars that you can find on your travel route.

You can also check the location of speed cameras in more detail on Google Maps by zooming in on the map. It is recommended to do this step, because in the preview, the app only shows an approximate location. Moreover, if you zoom in on the map, more radars will definitely appear along the way.

If no icon appears on the track, it very likely means that there are no fixed or moving speed cameras along the route. Yes in deed , There is a possibility that it is there, and that it is not appearing because the data has not been updated.

However, radars are no longer shown on Google Maps when the user starts the route, though, The application notifies you of the presence of these When the driver approaches, to reduce or ensure that he is traveling at the speed permitted on the road. If you want the application to send an advertisement, this can be done via voice prompts, by clicking on the speaker icon that appears on the screen and selecting the “Notifications Only” option.

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