Directors will assess the continuity of Gerardo Martino

The Mexican national team He just needs to win to qualify directly for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This Wednesday, March 30th, they will be measured against saviorin the last game of the final octagon, I find that you can enjoy on the screens of Azteca Deportes: Azteca 7,
The official app for the Azteca Relay.

Mexico He practically has a card in his hand, only disaster will send them to the playoffs. For this to happen, they have to lose the match against El Salvador. Beside that Costa Rica to hit United StateThen the goal difference sends the team led by Gerardo “Tata” Martino To play the playoff.

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The directors will meet with “Tata” Martino to evaluate it

Although it wasn’t “going” as expected, Aztec choice They only lost two games in the CONCACAF qualifiers, and remain in third place with 25 units, tied with the team from stars and stripes, And three points less than already qualified Canada.

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Only the two setbacks were against the aforementioned competitors; Similarly, in Aztec Stadium, home of Mexico, was unable to defeat these teams, with a draw. Besides, the lack of a target worries both locals and outsiders.

This is why the directors will be meeting to talk to them Gerardo Martinoand evaluate the balance that adds after each Octagonal end game.

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Azteca TV will broadcast the match between Mexico and El Salvador | Octagonal end

Don’t get lost in the screens Aztec Sports Mexico’s last match in the octagonal final On the screens of Azteca Deportes: Aztec 7,
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