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When one thinks of a particular government or ruler, its causes and flags are very clear. For example, in Mexico, if we asked anyone with moderate knowledge of news and politics in our country what are the most important political flags of the current government, I think we would find the following consensus: fighting corruption and prioritizing the poor through social policies. Even long before it became a government, the ruling political force in Mexico had made these issues clear and promoted by the opposition. In this sense, the locating of the message was successful.

In the United States, this worked in the same way during the government of former President Donald Trump, who laid out his message and flags very clearly and everyone in the country knows exactly why. Good, bad or fair (depending on who you ask), Trump was able to tell the public exactly what things to focus on, and he did so when he was president. For this reason, the contrast with the current administration of President Biden is interesting, which, in my opinion, has struggled to put this message into the public domain. In response to the question I mentioned at the beginning, where we can hypothetically ask people about the causes and flags of the current government in Washington, I think we’ll have a variety of answers where they won’t necessarily highlight those that already exist, because there is no clarity of the same in the minds of citizens. In this sense, it seems to me that the present government has not been able to tell its citizens what are the most important reasons it will implement under its government.

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At the beginning of this federal administration, things were not necessarily this way. There was a priority and it was successful: vaccinate as many people as possible to allow a return to normal life and economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and its ill effects. But a few months later, having come to a stabilization point in the growing curve of the vaccinated population, the White House has struggled to communicate to Americans what the government’s now-deficient priorities are. There are a number of things that make it more difficult, such as what happened in Afghanistan and the complexity and criticism of this exit, but also the sheer range of issues it has focused on (from immigration, climate change or the law initiative to infrastructure work) dividing public attention. The topic of clean energy could perhaps be taken as a banner for the Biden government, but I think the goals of the following years lack clarity. And I’m not necessarily referring to the lack of government plans, because I’m sure there are, but sometimes you just don’t need good ideas or public policies; You have to know how to connect with them, put them in their shoes, and have people remember them.

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