Diplomat Alex Saab released and returned during Venezuela week

The release was the result of negotiations between the Venezuelan government, the opposition Unitary Program party, and the White House, in accordance with agreements signed in Barbados in October on strengthening political rights and electoral guarantees for all and protecting the vital interests of the Venezuelan people. Nation.

These agreements, which are still in the full development stage – as said by the head of the official delegation to the dialogue, Jorge Rodriguez – led to the partial lifting of some economic sanctions imposed by Washington in the fields of oil, gas and mining.

In addition to establishing a mechanism to review the exclusion of some Venezuelan politicians aspiring to participate in the presidential elections in the second half of next year.

The talks also led to a prisoner exchange with the US government which resulted in the release of the Colombian-born, Venezuelan-naturalized diplomat and, for some US citizens, two of them terrorists and private citizens.

Saab arrived in the Bolivarian Republic on December 20, accompanied by Rodriguez, and was received on the runway of Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetia, La Guaira State, by the first fighter and National Assembly representative, Celia Flores, and her family. ., wife and children.

Once on the ground, the diplomat was united in a strong embrace with his wife, Camila Fabbri, and the first fighter.

In a statement, the Bolivarian government joyfully celebrated the release of the official who was unjustly kidnapped in a US prison in violation of international law and his return to his country.

The memo noted that the people were “receiving him with pride” after he suffered three and a half years of illegal detention “under cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment,” in violation of his human rights and the Vienna Convention granting diplomatic immunity.

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He pointed out that Alex Saab is the victim of retaliation by the United States government due to his exceptional international efforts to protect the social rights of all Venezuelans, in the face of intensifying unilateral coercive measures.

The memorandum stated that his freedom is a symbol of the victory of Bolivarian peace diplomacy and the thousands of demonstrations of solidarity expressed by social movements, intellectuals, artists and other fighters for justice from all over the world.

President Nicolas Maduro received Saab at the golden door of the Miraflores Palace, the seat of government, where he exchanged a big hug with him and greeted his wife and children accompanying him.

He stated that he welcomed the “brave and patriotic man” who resisted the harshest and harshest conditions of kidnapping, dirty prisons, physical and psychological torture, threats and lies, and stressed that after 1,280 days and 40 months, truth and justice had triumphed. .

He stressed that this day must come, and it has come, a blessed day, December 20, that will never be forgotten!

In an interview with the press, the head of the Venezuelan delegation in dialogues with opponents of the unionist program expressed his deep joy, his greatest joy and his realization that with the perseverance and strength shown by the government, the mission was accomplished. “Almost impossible.”

Sooner or later, the “indescribable physical and psychological torture” he was subjected to, including beatings, drowning, inhuman treatment, and “three of his teeth being pulled out,” will become known. He stressed that it is necessary to know who committed these crimes.

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The divorced diplomat said that life is a “continuous miracle” and today the miracle of freedom and justice has become a reality.

Saab said that he is proud to serve the people of Venezuela and “this loyal, humanitarian government that does not give up, and the government like me never gives up, and the people who will never give up, we will always win.” He said.

He described this moment as historic, in which the Bolivarian Republic imposed itself once again as the only way, and with President Nicolas Maduro's firm conviction that “dialogue bears greater fruits than hatred.”


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