Different Lotteries and their Odds of Winning in 2021

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Winning a jackpot is what everybody dreams of throughout the lifetime. People wish to win at least once in life but even that is not easy, be it small or big. There are so many options for the lottery in terms of different machines, different designs and different tactics. Even if the lotteries are the same, the prices vary, the jackpots vary and above all, the odds of winning a lottery or a jackpot vary the most.

It is not easier to be on the top and win a big lottery. There are more chances of you being struck by lightning in your life than winning a lottery. Now, you can easily comprehend how tough it is and how much hard work is associated with it.

If you wish to improve your options of winning, then you will have to look at all the available options and learn from them. It is similar to any bet that you would place on any game except that everything happens so fast in real life. You need to be quick, updated and a bit lucky! To give you an insight into all the amazing lottery games available in the market and how you can take part in the race of winning against the odds!

The UK National Lottery Odds

The National Lottery in the UK has great features and games which attract the people but the most popular one amongst them is the Lotto because of the huge prizes it offers. Previously, the Lotto used to have 49 numbers but now it has been increased to 59 by Camelot. It is an organization that is at the back of the National Lottery and has revamped the Lotto game in 2015 which has increased the odds of winning for the people and also the chances of winning the biggest prize of the year has been overwhelming. Moreover, Camelot has also added the Guaranteed Millionaire prize for the sake of the winners.

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Irish Lotto Odds

The lottery games by Irish Lotto have much better chances of winning the jackpot against the odds. The winning odds for the jackpot lottery are 10,700,000/1 while for other prizes, it is 72/1 which is not that difficult. Although the winning price is €1.4million, other prizes make the players happy and increase the demand for the Irish Lotto.

UK EuroMillions Odds

The EuroMillions has been operating in Europe for many years and is owned by Camelot. It offers considerably bigger jackpots in comparison to others in the UK but the tickets are more expensive than the National Lottery. There have always been difficulties in winning this lottery as the odds of winning are 116,500,000/1. You can play this game online, at supermarkets, at shops and petrol pumps in the UK.

Mini Lotto Odds

The Mini Lotto or more commonly known as the Polish game offers huge jackpots and the odds of winning it are not bad. There is a larger draw in Poland and this one serves as a smaller unit for €50,000 jackpot prize money. However, the best part about it is that the odds of winning this game are 850,000/1 which is by far the most successful one. The Polish Mini Lotto has the best odds as the draw occurs after every six days thereby, further increasing your chances of winning. You can play this game online through Lottoland which only costs 35p and provides the greatest odds of winning. It lets you play and win a jackpot of £80,000 from the comfort of your home without the issue of being overseas.

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French Lotto Odds

The French Lotto is believed to have the best odds for the people who play regularly that is 6/1. This is a decent rate for anyone who wishes to plan and win the jackpot. Moreover, there is the least amount for the jackpot which is €2million and every time no one wins it, it increases by one million. The odds of winning are almost near to impossible at 19,000,000/1.

Basic Tips for Winning a Lottery

For winning against the odds in any lottery, you will have to follow the pattern, take a look at the trends and previous games of the winners. Apart from that, you can follow the given tips to win against the odds:

  • Choose the right game and read the odds of winning before betting your money. Also, choose the games which have a wider pool and more chances of winning.
  • You can make more entries by buying more tickets which will further increase your chances of winning.
  • You can also hire an accountant or planner to manage your funds and guide you through the whole process.

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