Differences between public and private schools in the UK are growing

  • Recent test results show the largest discrepancy in the current era

  • Minister Gavin Williamson is the most unpopular cabinet minister and everything points to his next dismissal

When polls ask who is the most unpopular figure in Boris Johnson’s government, the worst score falls Gavin Williamson , Minister of Education. Among the Conservatives themselves, his administration is seen as “terrible” and will almost certainly be replaced in the next executive reshuffle, which Johnson has been delaying to keep Rebel MPs seemingly well-subjected and predictable.

The Appeals to desist Williamson’s scores were recently doubled after final exam results for high school students were announced. The data showed, on the one hand, a Suspicious increase in excellent grades On the other hand, the A greater difference than that of recent times between private and public schools, obviously in favor of the former.

Inflation and inequality

Throughout the two school years affected by the pandemic, Williamson’s performance was criticized by all. Last year, final exams for both GCSE (ESO equivalent) and ‘A-level’ (similar to baccalaureate) had to be suspended due to covid, which are usually taken by an independent body, Ofqual (Regulatory) Office of Qualifications and Examinations ). The minister left the evaluation of the students to judge algorithm Which reviewed the grades provided by schools and institutes downward.

Faced with the angry reaction from parents and students, the government backed down and swept the algorithm. Then there was actually a tendency for teachers to inflate their students’ grades and inflation was confirmed in the second year. Honors enrollment increased from 14.3% in 2020 to 19.1% and enrollment from 38.6% to 44.8%. The results are crucial when it comes to choosing the desired profession and the best universities, which are overwhelmed by the sudden increase in applications for admission, as they did in the previous year. danger Reduce the value and quality of content From the British system versus the International Baccalaureate. Also the fact that many of these higher education centers choose to impose an entrance examination, A screen that will be in the interest of the most elite students.

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of students who have passed A-level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 70% were private school students, which is a much higher number compared to 39% state. The difference between expensive private centers and public centers, which are increasingly scarce, has increased from 20% to 30%, which is the largest disparity in the current era. The situation has worsened during the pandemic.

‘messy system’

Kevan Collins, a former government adviser and one of the most respected figures on education issues, says that if Johnson does not adopt a special plan to address these shortcomings “The disparities in our education system will continue to grow“. Collins resigned in June when the prime minister discarded his investment plan to improve the quality of public utilities.

Labor leader Keir Starmer blames the current executive for the worsening situation. “There was a lot of disparity before the pandemic. The situation is now worse and this is largely due to the way the Minister of Education and the government is running this chaotic system.”, he is referring to. Starmer thinks Johnson should have fired Williamson “a long time ago. It’s amazing he’s still on the job.”

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Very weak

Williamson doesn’t seem ready to walk very far. He was Johnson’s campaign organizer for Conservative leadership and the responsible following of the Discipline of Representatives. Now, according to several conservative sources who told “The Times”, he is warning of the weakness of the prime minister’s position, which does not allow his dismissal and that Secrets that can be revealed.

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