Did Tom Cruise turn away from Scientology? His absence from headquarters raises rumours

theRumors swirl around possible outTom Cruisescientology, with reports indicating that Stop by to visit the UK headquarters in East Grinstead, fueling speculation that he may have given up Controversial religion.

The Mission: Impossible star does not He was seen at headquarters about three years agoHe, due to his filming commitments to Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1, kept it mostly in the UK, seen in places like Birmingham and the Cotswolds.

Scientology, conceived by American author L. Ron Hubbard, A global church with a unique set of beliefs and practices.

At the heart of the Church of Scientology’s doctrine is the concept of it Man is a spiritual and immortal being, called Thetan, Temporary residence in a physical body.

MailSpeculation began about Tom’s possible departure from Scientology in 2021, After years of being a prominent figure in the religion.

It was recently revealed that he has been absent from one of his high-profile bases in the UK for the past three years Discussions about his relationship with the church escalated.

Cruz has not yet commented on the reports.

However, it should be noted that the Church of Scientology also operates in central London, which He leaves open the possibility of Tom attending that branch instead.

The West Sussex headquarters were bought by L. Ron Hubbard in 1959. Previously, it was known to Tom used his helicopter to get to the area and visit the church. Representatives for the actor have yet to comment on the reports.

As a recognized ambassador of the Church, Tom Cruise is one of the most popular members.

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Along with him other celebrities comOr John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright, and Elisabeth Moss They are known followers.

There have been allegations that Tom’s unwavering support for the church earned him an almost god-like reverence from the members. He even campaigned for Scientology gained religious recognition in Europe.

Reflecting on his religious affiliation, Tom previously shared his thoughts on his point of view.

mention it His ex-wife Katie Holmeshe filed for divorce, in part because of it Reservations about his daughter Suri’s involvement in Scientology.

In 2008, Tom explained: “If you’re a Scientologist, you see life, and things, as they are, in all their splendor, in all their perplexity, and the more you know as a Scientologist, the more confused you feel about it.”

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