Did Phoebe Denivore and Pete Davidson end their relationship?

Sad news for fans of Phoebe Denivore and Pete Davidson: One of the unexpected celebrity couples of 2021 is said to have broken up after six months of dating. No!

to me the sunThe couple decided to go their separate ways for one of the reasons many couples decide to end up amicably: physical distance. “

Phoebe and Pete’s love story was a whirlwind, and right from the start, they were both totally committed. But as time goes on, it becomes more and more clear that it will be difficult to do this work,” a source told the outlet, explaining that Phoebe had visualized the second season of Bridgeton In the UK, while Pete across the pond is working on his new filmnice meeting.

Phoebe and Pete were last in the UK in July, but since he’s back in America, they’ve never been able to see each other again. The current situation with security measures and the fact that it is not always easy to fly, has complicated the situation.

The insider continued, “It’s been great while it lasts and they both really care about each other. But the distance has put them to the test. His teammates think they make a great duo, but the distance has made it totally difficult. They have had fun and will stay close, but unless there is a drastic change Their relationship will never recover.”

love story

house andPhoebe first sparked dating rumors when she was spotted holding hands and hugging in the UK in February. Two months later, the pair subtly confirmed they were together after wearing matching “PD” necklaces, and last month, they debuted as an orchestrated couple at Wimbledon, seemingly in love but their agenda overlapping both. Currently they are in photography. However, neither Pete nor Phoebe has publicly confirmed the split.

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original note: InStyle.com

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