Dialogue about revitalizing the country

The ARPAC Environmental Observatory, as a space for discussion and planning between various institutions, universities and companies to define projects in the field of environmental information and education, aims to present a three-meeting session entitled “RIPARTENZAITALIA”.
The meeting session will take place within the framework of a protocol to promote civic education among the three proposed institutions and are managed by:
Ester Andreotti – Communications, URP UO and Cristina Uccello Legal and Environmental Law – ARPAC; Sergio Longhi and Anna Salvati – Bar; Luigi Amudi and Flora de Martineau Addis City of Science Foundation.

An intergenerational dialogue on key issues for the country’s resumption after the pandemic has been directed, in particular, to teachers and students. The second round of the conference call on “Environmental Transformation” will take place on Friday April 23rd at 10:30 am.

It will be highlighted for future generations that achieving environmental transformation is an important opportunity for our country.

“Environmental transformation is a technical innovation process that not only takes into account economic benefits, but also takes into account compliance with environmental sustainability standards. At the basis of everything there is and must be circular economic thinking, and production improvement also from an environmental point of view.” Real recycling and reuse. Investing in new technologies to generate employment, not at the expense of the environment, but through the exploitation of photovoltaic and wind energy. Sustainable mobility: a common option to improve transportation while respecting the environment. “

The dialogue that will witness the participation of professional technicians in ARPAC:

Pasquale Falco Técnico UORIUS – DT;
Marisa Canterino Technician, Meteorology and Physics Unit, ARPAC Division, Benevento;
Alberto Grosso, Head of UORIUS Waste Registry – DT;
Giuseppe Onurati · Director of Surveillance Networks at the University of Oklahoma and CEMEC.
Salvatore Vigiletti UO REMI ARPAC Technologists Retreat. Benevento, contact ARPAC about environmental damage.
As for Arba Campania, among others, General Manager Stefano Sorvino and Artistic Director Claudio Maru will participate.
The participation of Loredana Capocelli – member of the Bar Council of Naples will be seen.
The meeting will be moderated by Anna Salvati – Delegate of the Naples Bar Association for initiatives with schools.

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The meetings can be followed up on Città della Scienza’s Facebook and YouTube pages. To report your post, you must send an email to [email protected]

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