Development financing, a priority

Artifact recovery

The Secretary of State welcomed the fact that 6,000 objects of Mexico’s cultural heritage would be recovered under the current administration and emphasized that it would remain a priority, given that it was a commission from the President and his wife, Dr. Beatriz Gutierrez.

He declared that Mexico is already in Europol, thanks to a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the first thing they will do is receive all the complaints that are in Mexico about the sales of goods that are part of the national heritage. “It is no longer a symbolic thing, we will prosecute it because it is against the law; it is not advertising, we will operate it with the 27 other police forces that make up this body.”

“And we don’t have to accept that they are selling our nation’s heritage, and that’s what motivates us, yes we can do that, we have political leadership in the country that is determined to lead and deliver it, and we have a qualified, effective and results-based foreign service,” Ebrard said.

Connectivity and innovation

Secretary of State Ebrard has instructed the ambassadors and consuls of Mexico to link the country with the best international science and technology, to promote national economic growth in the context of the health emergency.

The minister called for “acting with an emergency mentality with regard to technological development” and requested that each representation of Mexico abroad rely on the Technical Council for Knowledge and Innovation (COTECI) to identify opportunities to connect the country with the best in the world of science and technology, which have become more important in relation to the instructions of President Lopez Obrador to promote economic growth in Mexico.

Ebrard was there: “Let’s take the fingerprint and decide to act in an emergency mentality with regard to technological development.”

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