Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley and Benedict Cumberbatch to work on new Wes Anderson movie on Netflix

Wes Anderson’s new project will have big stars in the cast. (photos courtesy)

Director French record He is already working on his new project. It’s an adaptation of a story he wrote Roald Dahl llamado “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six Others” que saldrá por Netflix. Important names in the cast include Dev PatelAnd Ralph Fiennes s Ben Kingsley Like new arrivals. Before it is already confirmed Benedict Cumberbatch. The premiere will be next year.

Wes Anderson He admires the author and was himself responsible for writing the script for this project. He will also be the director of the feature film and will begin shooting in the UK this month. Although there is no confirmation of the film’s premiere, it is expected next year. We must remember that wonderful mr. Fox Anderson’s 10-year-old movie is also based on a work by the same writer, so the director knows the core material well.

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In this case, the volume published in 1982 included both fiction and nonfiction. The story revolves around Henry Sugar, a man who steals a book that teaches him how to see things and predict the future. It’s a series of misadventures that involve evading mafia henchmen, working with a Hollywood makeup artist to create new identities and other interesting stories. Wes Anderson.

"French record" It is the new Wes Anderson movie, with satire about the art world, political statements, and nutritional notes.  (photo courtesy)
“The French Chronicle” is a new Wes Anderson movie, featuring art world satire, political statements, and food notes. (photo courtesy)

BattleAnd where s Kingsley They are newcomers to the project but they don’t have a defined role yet. The one who was confirmed for a while was Cumberbatch Who will play Sugar and act as a common thread through the other stories by playing multiple roles. A great start to the director’s filmography Eccentric Tenenbaums.

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This project is the first since then Netflix acquired Roald Dale Story Company Last year he took over the rights to the author’s works. A huge world approaches and Anderson seems to have all the numbers to exploit.

casing "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six Others"Roald Dahl's book.  (photo courtesy)
Portada de “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More”, El libero de Roald Dahl. (Cortesia Pictures)

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