Dermatology, from MIR star to underrated medical specialty

happening Exposure to sunlight for long periods It will have a direct impact on future cases of skin cancer, not only increasing the prevalence of the disease, but also its cases. For this reason, and trying to provide the dermatology specialty with adequate resources, many professionals believe that it would be a positive thing if there were Increase in MIR places of specialization in future editions.

Bearing in mind how health services are awarded, I understand that A 30-40 percent more than specialists It will need to be studied, but between the retirements that will occur and the structural deficit that we have, an increase of at least 30 or 40 percent will be required, ”he comments in this newspaper. Jose Juan Pereira, Head of the Department of Dermatology at the Virgen del Rocio University Hospital (Seville). They share the same opinion Maria del Mar Pestana And Juan Antonio Ratonresident instructors in dermatology at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands and the Cruces University Hospital (Bizkaia), respectively.

If there are currently about 80 dermatology positions on offer, Pestana calculates that getting to 100 would be an adequate number to feed the specialty with enough health professionals. People are needed, how many I don’t know exactly. But it would be nice if they offered A quarter of what is offered now“, says the doctor. Distribution should be “homogeneous” throughout the country, and not depending on the regions in which more skin diseases are diagnosed.

However, one of the issues raised by Specialization is that Width expansion at MIR It will affect, for good, everything Dermatology. Moreover, if forecasts are confirmed and In the coming years, Spain will see more cases of skin cancerthere will be “another reason” to oversupply MIR in Dermatology. Ratton says the increase in places where it should have an upward trend is due to “good dermatological care.”

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However, those from Castilla y León did not end up adhering to this line of thought. and that is , Hector BerandonisMIR teacher of dermatology at the Universitario de León hospital, stresses that what needs to be strengthened are specialized services throughout the health system, not places for residents: “There are Shortage of dermatologists in public hospitals. It is necessary to stimulate and create places and services to meet this need.” In turn, Berrandons stresses that melanoma is “one of the most common types of skin cancer” in humans, so the demand for it is “very great.” A reason why you should Template reinforcement Of specialization, he says.

No need to change the training program

Despite the fact that Spanish dermatologists consider it necessary to increase the number of places in their services, either by calling the MIR or by hiring staff, they maintain that neither the training program nor the period of residence must be changed to place more emphasis on diseases that arise from Solar exhibition Maximum. “The training program is already designed so that the population is adequately trained in the prevention as well as in the treatment of injuries that uncontrolled sun exposure can cause,” Ratton asserts.

effects that Heat waves and ultraviolet radiation Can cause and breed on the skin of citizens “well collected” in the training program of the specialty, as doctors say. “We deal with it, we study and we soak well. The population is very aware of the damage that sun exposure does to the skin,” adds Pestana. “The training program contains a very important part of skin cancer, its prevention and skin carcinogens, in addition to other diseases that have a clear relationship to the sun, such as Cutaneous lupus or other optical switch. Therefore, the program is good and should not be changed,” Pereira specifies.

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For his part, Berandonis believes that Cutaneous tumor surgery They have a “significant weight” during the entire residency and training period, with a “very significant” load in teaching and rotational hours. He notes that her role will continue to be relevant to Increased incidence of skin cancer There will be in the coming years. On the other hand, Berandonis points out that population aging This will affect the increase in cases. On the other hand, it indicates that the largest solar radiation That there will soon be in Spain will affect professions that are “outdoors”, such as agriculture and tourism, and that this will lead to cases of tumors in the future.

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