Deputies allied with Arevalo win the presidency of the Guatemalan Congress

Rep. Nery Ramos (D), the new president of Congress, celebrates with Jonathan Mincus (I), his victory in the Congressional Board of Directors with a group of legislators allied with the official party of President Bernardo Arevalo de León in Guatemala City (Guatemala). . Evie/David Toro

GUATEMALA CITY, January 19 (EFE).- A group of deputies from various legislative blocs in Guatemala elected on Friday a new board composed of lawmakers linked to the party of President Bernardo Arevalo de León.

Without any opposition list, Representative Nery Ramos, from the Blue Party and former head of the National Civil Police, was elected as the new President of Congress for the period 2024-2025.

Ramos had the support of the Similla Movement, the government party, and more than 100 representatives who united to win the board.

These elections were held because the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country, ordered a rerun of the elections held on January 14 because the parliament that won included representatives who declared their independence, making it impossible for them to hold the elections. Administrative positions in the legislative authority.

Initially, the presidency of Congress was won by Samuel Pérez, a representative from the Arevalo de Leon party. However, due to the legal problems of the Simela movement, he had to resign from his position.

“I will not disappoint you,” Ramos said. “Have faith and trust that this space will be honored by working and serving people.”

The new president of the Guatemalan legislature added that “the future of Guatemalan politics is being shaped in this chamber, and we as representatives must do things according to the law and exercise our authority for the benefit of the people.”

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The remainder of the Board of Directors consists of First Vice President, Darwin Lucas, of the National Unit of Hope, Second Vice President, Cesar Amezquita of Viva, and Third Vice President, Nery Rodas of Cabal.

It also consists of trustees Karina Paz de Vos and Raul Solorzano, of the National Hope Unit, Juan Carlos Rivera of Victoria, and Sonia Gutierrez of Winac.

Arevalo de León assumed the presidency on January 14 after going through an unprecedented and tense leadership transition, due to attempts by the Public Prosecutor's Office (Public Prosecutor's Office) to prevent his inauguration.

According to many experts, Guatemala's new president will need to maintain alliances in Congress to gain governable conditions and fulfill his anti-corruption promises.

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