“Depo” Martinez spent over 20 million pesos on a military dog ​​to sponsor his world champion medal

02 in. 2023 – 16:03 hours.

what happened?

goalkeeper of the Argentine soccer team, Emiliano Dipo Martinezspent £20,000 (approx 20 and a half million pesos Chileans) in a A dog for military use to take care of a world champion’s medal.

The odd purchase

As mentioned Daily StarAfter returning to England to join Aston Villa training, goalkeeper He went to buy a Belgian Malinois guard dogfor that Take care of your medal.

This precious animal that now guards the trans-Andean home in Birmingham, It can weigh 30 kilogramsand was obtained from Elite protection dogsIt is a company specializing in Training and marketing of this type of guard dog.


next to, This breed of dog is the type commonly used by the military services of the United States and the United Kingdom To carry out various missions of surveillance and ground patrol.

Belgian Malinois are favorite working dogs of the military and police Number one in the world. Malinois were used by the US Navy in the bin Laden capture operation. The breed is extremely athletic and agile, with a keen prey drive that makes them excellent candidates for any task on the job,” an Elite Protection Dogs worker told the aforementioned outlet.

Although he has already returned to training with his team after his short vacation after the World Cup, Depo has not yet returned ownership of the Aston Villa goalamid speculation about the position of its technical director, Unai EmeryAgainst Martinez’s constant provocations to his rivals.

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