Dentsu has been recognized at Innovation VISA LA NACION

Awarded – Argentina

(11/13/23). Dentsu Argentina received a special award in the “Innovation in Service to Community” category at the VISA – LA NACION Innovation Awards. This prestigious honor highlights dentsu’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that contribute positively to society as a whole.

Dentsu has been highlighted for its Scrolling Therapy technology, an innovative AI-powered facial expression recognition tool that allows patients with Parkinson’s disease to navigate social networks using facial expressions, supporting the daily goal of 45 minutes of facial muscle therapy. To delay the advancement of the face. Muscle atrophy, which is one of the main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Leandro Zumarraga, CEO of Dentsu Argentina and Chile, expressed his excitement at receiving this special mention, saying: “We are very proud to receive the VISA | LA NACIÓN Innovation Award. At Dentsu, we believe in the power of innovation and its use. “Emerging technologies are enablers for developing solutions that It has an impact on people’s lives. “Following our goal of becoming agents of positive change for society as a whole, this recognition is undoubtedly a sign that we are on the right path.”

The VISA – LA NACION Innovation Awards aim to highlight innovative, creative and executive management that has a significant impact on various Argentine industries and society as a whole. Through this recognition, VISA and LA NACION are promoting innovation and digital transformation as drivers of cultural change in a constantly evolving world.

In the “Triple Impact Purposes and Actions” category, companies are recognized that develop actions, products or services that have a positive social impact on the well-being of people and their communities. These organizations prioritize social value and sustainability in their approach.

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The awards jury consisted of prominent figures in the field of innovation, including Gabriela Rinaudo, CEO of Visa Argentina and the Southern Cone Region; José Del Río, Content Director, LA NACION; Martina Roa, innovation journalist; Andres Hattom, Ph.D., University of Warwick (UK) and Professor at the University of Torcuato di Tella (UTDT) Business School; and Nicholas Pimentel, Founder and Director of Becoming Mode + Venture Partner at MrPink VC.

Dentsu would like to thank the organizers and jury for this valuable recognition.

picture: Gabriela Rinaudo (Visa) and Leandro Zumarraga (Dentso).

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