Denmark is building an artificial island to protect itself from floods

By 85 votes and 12 against, the Danish parliament الدنمارك agreed On June 4, construction of the artificial island of Lineholm, which will cover an area of ​​2.8 square kilometers and will be north of the island of Rivshalween, a former industrial area in the port of Copenhagen.

Work could begin this fall, although Danish authorities estimate that the largest construction project in Denmark’s history will be completed in 2070, and will cost about 20 billion kroner, about $3.3 billion.

The main objective is to protect Copenhagen from potential floods in the face of rising sea levels, as well as to solve the rising house prices due to the increase in increased demand.

Thus, Lynetteholm will host 20,000 new homes It has a capacity of 35,000 people and will be connected to the rest of the Danish capital by a metro line, a port tunnel and a ring road.

Criticisms of the potential environmental impact

The project sparked controversy in Danish society and was heavily criticized by environmentalists due to their concerns about increased pollution in the area and its impact on water quality and local ecosystems.

This initiative has already been challenged before the Court of Justice of the European Union, because the environmental impact assessments only covered the impact of the construction of the island itself, but did not include the impact of infrastructure, housing and other planned urban developments, remember the local.

In addition, the works could be hampered if Stockholm objects when the terms of the construction work are clarified, Swedish Environment Minister Per Poland said in a statement. TV2Lorry.

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Danish Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht confirmed to the media that Sweden can make adjustments that appear to be necessary under Espoo Agreement, which obliges signatories to conduct environmental assessments of facilities that may have a transboundary impact.

(taken from RT in Spanish)

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