Demi Lovato says saying “alien” to foreigners is discrimination

Demi Lovato says saying “alien” to foreigners is discrimination

The great question that has long tormented and fascinated millions of people (Are we alone in the universe?) remains unanswered, on the one hand, the discoveries of planets in recent years indicate that the existence of life in others is very likely. planets, but we are far from discovering intelligent life. Those who still believe that intelligent aliens have visited Earth are usually fans of the “UFO phenomenon”, and one celebrity who draws attention to it is Demi Lovato, singer and performer.

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Lovato is promoting her new series, Unknown with Demi Lovato, available at Peacock, as he seeks to discover the truth about the UFO phenomenon with his best friends Matthew Scott Montgomery and his sister Dallas Lovato. In an interview with pedestrian (via painting), the way Demi referred to the word alien was surprising, describing it as a derogatory term for aliens:

…I think we should stop calling them aliens because aliens are a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them aliens! Well, that’s a small detail. Little bit of information I learned.

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In the English language, the word foreigner is also used to refer to illegal immigrants, those people who live in a country but are not citizens of it. Foreigner in Spanish is used to refer to foreigners. Follow Lovato:

I’ve also been a UFO fan for as long as I can remember, so on this show my passion meets. How did this happen? Well, I’ve also believed my whole life. And I just thought, You know, I’m in a position in my career right now where I dip my toes in a lot of different waters. This was the natural next step. I wanted to capture everything that happens when I go looking for these UFOs so that my fans can join me.

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No one can confirm that we have not had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, but many scientists remain skeptical of conspiracy theories and UFO sightings. Although how can we be absolutely sure that they do not live hidden among us as in Men in Black (92%)? That would be consolation, because it’s much better to have good relations with them, who have super sophisticated technology, than to invade them like you do in writing tapes. Independence Day (60%)And Battle Los Angeles (35%) or even Signs (74%)Where, for some strange reason, aliens attacked naked and did not take advantage of the technology that made them travel thousands or millions of light years through space.

UFO is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object, and seeing a UFO doesn’t mean we’re seeing alien spacecraft; There are natural phenomena that can be confused with spaceships and also with witches or demons. The topic is exciting to study, but once explored without fanaticism or preconceptions, it can be disappointing to believers like Lovato.

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world famous and famous Carl Sagan He admitted that in his youth he was enthusiastic about the phenomenon of UFOs, but after learning more he realized that most of the scenes have natural explanations that have nothing to do with spacecraft. This lack of evidence should not discourage us, we may not see the first contact in our lifetime, but perhaps future generations will have the opportunity, and future lovers will have the opportunity.

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As scientists (and fans of the UFO phenomenon) continue to investigate in hopes of a close connection with intelligent life from another planet, science fiction fans can continue to enjoy exciting stories about aliens, some of the most sentimental like ET, extraterrestrial (98%)Even the most realistic and cerebral Contact (62%) NS access (94%).

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