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As this Saturday marks the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s landmark “I Have a Dream” speech, the focus gains even greater significance, when the right to vote is in the center of public attention and there are abusive Republicans intent on restricting it. .

Mobilization in this capital began on MacPherson Square, along Black Lives Matter (BLM) Square, toward the National Mall.

‘What do we want?’ The right to vote. When we want? right Now! ‘ shouted a group of protesters who marched with BLM movement posters.

The legislation is a top priority for Democrats after the November 3 election, although civil rights leaders recently expressed their frustration with President Joe Biden.

In a letter they sent to the president, they blamed him for not using all his “political capital” to advance the legislative initiative.

Even if passed in the House, any action over the right to vote faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where Democrats do not have the votes needed to overcome legislative stalling.

Meanwhile, members of the Red Force continue to be obsessed with former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the last election was stolen.

Currently, Republican-controlled legislatures in various states of the union consider or approve bills that would restrict access to the ballot box.

According to March On, 48 states have introduced 389 bills since January, the equivalent of “total voter suppression,” The Hill reported.

There were reports of rallies in Atlanta, Houston, Miami and Phoenix, cities where controversial voting procedures took place.

In Atlanta, human rights activist Ben Jealous addressed the crowd in a chant encouraging Biden to call for an end to obstruction in the Senate.

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Hi Hi! Hello Joe! He chanted at the event in front of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, of which Martin Luther King was pastor.

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