Delta suspends partnership with Aeroflot after Russia invades Ukraine

delta Airlines he decided lay off for him organisation with the Russian airline Aeroflotin more than one result military invasion From Russia to Ukraine.

Delta’s partnership with Aeroflot has allowed customers to reserve seats on both airlines’ flights.

“Delta has withdrawn the codeshare services we provide in cooperation with Russia’s national airline, Aeroflot, effective immediately,” Atlanta-based Delta said in a statement.

“We have removed our code from Aeroflot-operated services outside Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and removed the Aeroflot code from Delta-operated services from Los Angeles and New York JFK. Facility will be made to customers affected by these changes.

Thursday only United kingdom Announced freeze From origins Of the most important Russian banksincluded VBTwill enact legislation to prevent Russian companies from obtaining financing and veto to me Aeroflot airlineThe prime minister said, as part of “the largest and most stringent package of sanctions that Russia has ever seen,” Boris Johnson.

The US Department of Transportation has not commented on whether it will do the same. Aeroflot is still scheduled to fly to New York from Moscow on Saturday and has 56 scheduled flights between the United States and Russia in March, according to US media reports.

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