Delta Slow Orgasm, by Jordi Juan

The Delta variant of Covid has been on the front pages of many European newspapers for several days, such as the world Which announced in big headlines, Thursday, that the virus threatens to end the crisis in the neighboring country. Across Europe, steps are being taken in de-escalation measures as a result of the increase in infections caused by this alternative: from the United Kingdom, where there is talk of a third wave, to Portugal, which has imposed a curfew on its capital. In Spain, the situation is better because the vaccination rate is higher, but it is scary to think what would have happened now if pharmaceutical companies had not been so quick to find the antidote and governments had not distributed it in a graceful way. Surely we will all be locked in our homes again with the ensuing economic disaster.

It is worth bearing in mind. Only yesterday was the data on employment development in June known, the first without concern, which produced the data which was the month that saw the largest drop in the unemployment rate since the statistics were available at the Labor Department. Someone might say it makes sense and normal after the number of unemployed has increased so much due to the COVID crisis, but anyway let’s congratulate ourselves because the data confirms that the recovery in the economy is indeed becoming a reality.

But let’s go back to Covid. It would be a mistake to take victory over the epidemic for granted. As the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimón, confirmed yesterday on the RAC1 microphones, the wave of infection is widespread in Catalonia among young people and threatens adults who have not yet completed the vaccination phase. For this reason, the Generalitat supports halting its de-escalation plans until this increase in casualties is brought under control. Until there is herd immunity in Spain, it’s time to remain very careful. The delta variant does not allow to reduce the level of protection and increase orgasm. The economy seems to be doing better than expected and vaccines are multiplying, but unfortunately, the virus is still with us. We will never tire of remembering it.

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