Delays of more than six hours on flights from the UK

Accidents on flights from the UK continue at the start of the season and this weekend is no exception. Throughout Saturday, there were noticeable delays, among which those suffered by Jet Airways flight 2 from Glasgow, which delayed its landing by six and a half hours in relation to the scheduled time, stand out. Passengers who arrived from Stansted (London) with the same company with a delay of 4 hours 47 minutes did not have a great time either. Also of note is the 2 hours and 25 minutes late flight by the same company from Birmingham.

These are the delays most striking on a day when there were many delays of various kinds which also affected local traffic (1 hour 27 minutes via Iberia from Palma) and with other countries (1 hour 10 minutes delay from Bologna). A direct flight has also been cancelled. It should have arrived at 12.05 from London Gatwick operated by easyJet, and in the end it did not arrive, with the consequent cancellation of the flight in the opposite direction.

All this only on the first day of the last weekend of spring, when, according to AENA data, 187 flights are expected to land (only between yesterday, Saturday and Sunday), 54.2 percent from foreign airports. This volume of traffic is 16.1 percent higher than the record for the same weekend in the year before the pandemic.

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