David Faitelson downplays League MX vs MLS All-Star: ‘It doesn’t matter much’

David Fittelson attacks Liga MX owners (Picture: ESPN)

Confirmation of the game among the best players in Liga MX and Major League Soccer (MLS) The United States caused an uproar among football fans. However, the internationalization of leagues has also generated debate among sports journalists and commentators regarding the discipline. was among them David Fittelsonwho slammed and detracts from the fencing, Although it was predictably said about the effect that may occur in the future.

Through your Twitter account, Tweet embed “The All-Star Game is a phenomenon of the American Championships,” he noted. For the Mexican fan, there is little and not much counts“.

And this, in fact, the star game model is an event in which sports leagues participate Mexico is not relevant. Not to mention the fans, except for the followers mexican baseball league (LMB), in any season after season, traditionally, a Duel between the best squad advocates from the northern region against those from the southern region. The ninth winner in this case has the privilege of hosting the most matches in the final series or “Serie del Rey”.

David Fittelson's opinion of the All-Star Game (Image: Twitter / Faitelson_ESPN)
David Fittelson’s opinion of the All-Star Game (Image: Twitter / Faitelson_ESPN)

On the other hand In most majors played in the North American country, the All-Star game is more popular. Among the most famous are those organized by the National Football League (NFL) for American football, scheduled for her last days. The other popular in the King of Sports, when Major League Baseball (MLB) The best advocates of the National League face their American counterparts in a match that preceded the Home Run Derby.

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In the case of football, MLS started organizing this type of event in 1996. On that occasion the best players from the Eastern Conference faced those from the Western Conference. The following year, the format was maintained, but in 1998 it was introduced by selecting the best American players against the best foreigners who played in the country’s soccer league.

In 2003 and 2004, he faced the best in the league, regardless of his nationality, the country’s national team and Chivas from Club Deportivo Guadalajara, Straight. However, with the aim of gaining a greater presence at the international level, the MLS selection has been maintained since 2005, even though they have played against teams from various European leagues.

Representatives of the two leagues have confirmed that the event will take place in August (Image: Twitter / @ LigaBBVAMX)
Representatives of the two leagues have confirmed that the event will take place in August (Image: Twitter / @ LigaBBVAMX)

Thus, for 15 years, organizers have approved matches against teams such as Chelsea FulhamManchester UnitedRomar Real MadridAtletico Madrid and Arsenal. They have 8 defeats and 7 victories, but with an average career that allowed them to bring players to the most important football tournaments.

While, The relationship between the federations of Mexico and the United States has grown in recent years. Proof of this is the abandonment of tournaments played against South American leagues and teams to mark the CONCACAF calendar. Thus, one of the most important points of this alliance came with the confirmation of the meeting between The teams of both leagues.

Although the match scheduled for August 25, at LAFC’s Bank of California Stadium, It is an attempt to internationalize the Mexican league, and Faitelson has realized that he is obeying the interests of the MLS. However, it was also said in anticipation of seeing whether “MLS and Liga MX can enable another level of competition and passionFootball competition between countries as well Mexican players upgrade franchise.

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