David Beckham took his 11-year-old daughter to Harry Styles’ party and everything was sung: ‘Amazing’

“smiles everywhere”. David Beckham Share on your social networks, with Almost 80 million Followers, historical moments of his passion for football, his positions with international celebrities and capture his meetings with friends. But what mainly characterizes the profile of the British is snapshots with his family. The former Manchester United player constantly posts the moments he shares with him Victoria Beckham and her four children; As in the past few hours, when he was seen with little Harper at a concert of a famous singer, as another fan.

David and Victoria Beckham have been married for over two decades Together they formed a family with their four children: Brooklynis 23 years old; Romeoout of 20; pass, 17; And Harper’s11. The Real Madrid No. 23 usually publishes family postcards with funny anecdotes.

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The emotional and funny moment David Beckham shared with his daughter at Styles’ party

On Wednesday, Beckham attended a party Harry Styles Recital With his daughter, Harper, in London (UK), as part of his tour Love on tourand sang all of the former One Direction member’s songs. Thus, the former soccer player published a video clip in which he appeared with the little girl, wearing a pink feather hat and scarf, as she jumped and sang along to the beat.what makes you beautiful”.

David Beckham attended Harry Styles’ party in London with HarperInstagram: davidbeckham

But she wasn’t the only one. And this is the athlete too seem For the occasion with a cap of the same color, Show that he knows the lyrics who appeared in the playing of the British artist. “Great night”wrote in the post.

David Beckham has announced in recent weeks that soon Netflix will release a documentary about his life. The production, which has yet to be released on release date, will feature unreleased photo files, untold stories, and exclusive interviews with the people who were key players in its rise to the top. Meanwhile, the former England footballer gave a bit more details on his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which he owned and which he disclosed in 2006.

Archives-. Netflix releases a documentary about Beckham’s life

When everyone is in bed, I goI clean the candles, put the lights on in the right place, and make sure everything is in order.” Former Paris Saint-Germain player Watchman. He added, “I cut the wax, I clean the glass… that My favorite hateSmoke around the inside of the candle. I know, that’s weird.”

The athlete indicated that the thing that bothers him the most is going to the kitchen every morning to prepare breakfast and finding dirty cups and plates. Meanwhile, stress it out Your cleaning routines are “stressful”, but who feels “forced” to do so. According to the newspaper daily MailDavid Beckham lives with his family Lavish mansion with eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, gym and spa. The documentary, at the moment, does not have an exact release date.


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