Dave Chappelle has something to say about Will Smith

(CNN) – On stage in Liverpool on Thursday night, Dave Chappelle delivered a scathing assessment of the Oscar’s slap in the face that reverberated around the world.

Chappelle is in the middle of a comedy tour with Chris Rock, who was slapped by actor Will Smith in March while performing on stage at the Academy Awards.

“A lot of people forget who Will Smith is,” Chappelle was quoted as saying by British media on stage at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool. telegraph. “So 10 minutes before he got the grand prize… he was acting as if he had come back to Philly.”

Smith received the Best Actor Award for his role as Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams, in “King Richard”. But his behavior overshadowed his achievement that night, for which the Academy condemned him and banned Smith for 10 years from attending Academy functions.

“He’s going to play a perfectionist for 30 years, take off his mask and show us he’s just as ugly as the rest of us,” Chappelle said. “Whatever the consequences…I hope he never wears his mask again and lets his true face breathe…I can see myself in both men.”

A representative of Chapelle confirmed the information from the Telegraph. CNN has reached out to Rock and Smith representatives for comment.

Chappelle made the remarks during the first of his three shows that are part of his UK tour. This weekend they have two back-to-back dates scheduled at the O2 Stadium in London, and other dates across Europe.

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Rock also reportedly spoke of the slap, joking that Smith “hit me for a joke, the cutest joke I’ve ever said in my life,” according to The Telegraph and London Times.

In July, Smith opened up about the incident in a video posted on InstagramHe said he was “deeply sorry”.

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