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Tomorrow, May 30, Sony will be introducing some new features coming to the PS5 environment through a new State of Play stream

After many rumors and speculation in this regard, Sony has finally spoken out to announce its immediate plans. The latest information has proven to be correct, as the Japanese company is preparing New edition of State of Play To provide all the news that is preparing for its arrival on PS5. thus, Finally, it won’t be the annual PlayStation ShowcaseSo we’ll have to wait for a future moment to find out if the company plans to stream in a later month.

Whatever it is, what we already know is that The new State of Play will take place tomorrow, May 30, at 11:59pm (Spanish Peninsula time).so it will actually be the 31st in our territory, and at that time the curtain will rise to reveal some new features live for the PS5 catalog, so Release schedule for the remainder of 2024. In addition, there is also a possibility that the PS5 Pro will be revealed once and for all, although it is a small event, everything is up in the air. I will have her Duration about 30 minutes.

The broadcast will take place a few moments before the event dedicated to Silent Hill, so attend Silent Hill 2 Remake As a preview of what might be seen later, it seems like a perfectly reasonable choice.

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What to expect regarding the state of play?

For now, it’s a mystery as to what will be featured in the new State of Play game, but one shouldn’t expect great news in terms of PS5 exclusive proposals, though. Concord appears to be a strong candidate to attend in broadcast, as well as a remake of Until Dawn. In addition, other third-party addresses such as Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater or Hades II It may also appear on this occasion.

And Hollow Knight: Silk Song? Well, as with every event in this sector, there is a possibility that Team Cherry’s proposal will emerge, although this seems unlikely at this point. However, we will learn the truth tomorrow, May 30, at 11:59 PM (Spanish Peninsula time).

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