Darwin Siren, of MLS Dynamo in the US, on the new DT: ‘I had to kick him out’

The Selecta midfielder and Houston squad spoke about the encounter with Paulo Nagamura, a former competitor and now his coach.

In the 2015-16 season, Darwin Siren was a member of the Orlando City Football Club of the MLS, the major soccer league in the United States. At the time, he faced Paulo Nagamura, who is now his coach at the Houston Dynamo.

In an interview published by @pasefiltrado, the Selecta player talked about the memories with Nagamura, admitting that he “had to kick him”.

Nagamura, of Japanese but Brazilian-born origin, was then a member of Sporting Kansas City, and after a year retired from football to begin his coaching career.

“What happened before, obviously, are just memories that football has left, the turns football takes, after a few kicks hit him and now he’s a coach,” Sirin told the aforementioned website.

“Now we’re on the same team, we remember when I was in Orlando, he knew he was a strong, aggressive player, and maybe, sometimes I had to send him off, so we remembered that he narrated.

And he told me, ‘How cool are we on the same team now,’ and I say, ‘Yeah, we have the chance to be here. “I am happy for him because it is a great opportunity and at the same time an important challenge for him as a coach trying to lift the ship where the team was and well I have the opportunity, perhaps because of the experience and the years I have in the league, to do my best so that things go well with the whole team, and I am happy because I now have the opportunity to engage with him in a different way,” said the Salvadorian.

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“Hopefully this season will be fine for us, successful for him and the team, and hopefully we can achieve important things together now that we’re on the same team,” he concluded.

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