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The growth of e-commerce during the pandemic years has led companies to propose new sales strategies and logistical solutions. One of them was the creation of Dark Stores, a very popular trend among supermarkets and retailers which, depending on size, can reduce logistics costs by up to 20%.

Yuriko Huayana, Country Director of VTEX Peru, explains that dark stores are stores closed to the public that act as small distribution centers in a specific area and were created as a fast-delivery strategy that saves customer time and as a resource to increase profitability and logistical efficiency for businesses.

“Usually, in a distribution center, the logistics operator is responsible for deliveries in a particular city, whose products are shipped from the same warehouse, regardless of customers’ address. In the dark store model, there are many small distribution centers across the city to serve areas of the city. different. Products for each product are pre-selected based on the analysis of local demand”Explain our hobbies.

Benefits of this business model

The specialist presents some advantages of the Dark Stores application for an online store:

  1. More efficient operations: Thanks to the implementation of automated systems, the preparation and delivery of orders becomes more flexible, allowing for quick deliveries.
  2. Facilitates inventory management: In physical stores that are open to customers, it is much more difficult to accurately track inventory in real time. By contrast, “dark” stores allow you to manage inventory and know its status at all times through automation.
  3. 24/7 Availability: There are no opening hours in dark stores, but it depends on “peak” hours for purchasing. As part of their business model, they have multiple shifts, allowing them to operate 24 hours a day and increase warehouse productivity.
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According to Yuriko Huayana, this strategy has been adapted to the preferences of an increasingly demanding consumer, who often prioritizes delivery time over cost.

Taking into account the success of this sales strategy in other countries such as the US, UK, France and China, among others, as well as the growth of digital consumption and the transformation of businesses nationwide, Huayana expects 30% growth in the number of dark stores in Peru for the next two years.

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