Damian Carrillo to the Mexican Academy of Surgery

In this way, the work and professional merits of our College of Health Sciences Director stand out for 10 years within this important institution.

On June 8, the Mexican Academy of Surgery awarded Dr. José Damian Carrillo Ruiz, Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences at our Anáhuac México University, a diploma conferring him a full academic title.

In accordance with the said Academic Regulations and after approval in the Ordinary General Assembly, this recognition highlights meritorious work during 10 years within this institution.

“Belonging to the academy is a privilege and an honor, because being able to enter it depends on the academic merits that a physician has, and that is why the path is recognized as a health professional, in teaching and research,” explained Dr. . Damian Carrillo Ruiz.

He also specified that this recognition represented a major distinction for the university, as it links Anahuac as an institution with the Academy.

It is important to note that the Mexican Academy of Surgery bases the appointments of academics on their merits as professionals, which are submitted to the consideration committee and members. In addition, the completion of 10 years of income is verified as the number and honor of the supporter.

“The Academy has numerical, honorary and honorary members. So, it means that progress is being made within the Academy because of your experience and dedication to the institution, pursuing your day-to-day course with distinction and dedication.”

Dr. José Damian Carrillo Ruiz is a neurosurgeon specializing in neurosurgery and supra-specialist in functional neurosurgery and stereotaxic hypertrophy with an interest in involuntary movements, pain and spasticity. He has completed his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Medical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a Doctorate in Bioethics from Alma Mater University.

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He has conducted undergraduate and graduate teaching activities for 20 years at Anáhuac in the faculties of psychology, medicine, and bioethics, as well as in leadership programs. He was the Coordinator of Physiological Psychology and Neurosciences and is currently the Director of the College of Health Sciences.

He is a researcher at the National System of Researchers (SNI) and the General Directorate of Health Research Policies in the Ministry of Health. He has written more than 75 scientific articles, 30 book chapters, and two books. With index H = 20 and G = 43 and 1930 citations to his works.

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