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Seems to be notorious Russian President Vladimir Putin “Taking what is not yours without permission” is not only for the time being The conflict between Russia and Ukraine (which many athletes joined)but before can be attested Robert Craft.

owner New England Patriots subordinate NFL Visit Russia In 2005, President Putin received him in the Kremlin. Kraft was accompanied by his friend Sandy WillChairman of the Board of Directors of Citi Group, and by Robert MurdockFox Inc., owner.

During the visit, Will asked Kraft to show Putin his picture Super Bowl Champion Ring; The owner of Bates removed his ring from his finger and gave it to the Russian President.

“You can kill someone with this ring,” Putin commented as he tried on the ring. According to journalist Jeff Benedict, Kraft replied: “You can kill someone without the ring, I was the head of the KGB.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Putin removed the ring, put it in his pocket and turned around, his bodyguards followed him. Kraft just stared at Weil.

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According to several versions, Kraft later went to the then President of the United States George BushBut at the White House they recommended that he say his ring was a gift to Putin.

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