Curiosity samples reveal possible organic remains of Mars

Curiosity has been present on the red planet for nearly a decade. Image: NASA

Samples collected by Curiosity from NASA On Mars It could belong to ancient organic compounds, according to researchers from the US Space Agency.

Also posted The Journal of Geophysical Research: The Planets, Basically Residues of organic compounds that could theoretically preserve microbial organisms.

The researchers relied on two Curiosity Rover tools. The first of them is Sample analysis on Mars, Which analyzes samples based on the gases released At different temperature levels when burning samples.

Which he found Indirect evidence of organic salts in samples from Mars. Now it will be the tool of chemistry and mineralogy that has to verify this evidence.

Through that study, researchers will be able to obtain a better reference point for studying life on Mars, to see how and where it originated.

Advertise this account Twitter Del CuriosityThat reached the surface of Mars in 2012.

NASA has discovered that it is possible that there are organic salts on Mars and that I can detect them. It is the chemical remnants of organic compounds that could provide important clues about the planet’s carbon cycle and the potential for past life.“.

It will take some time to Discover or check out more guidesThis is because Perseverance in the rover, Also on the surface of Mars, it cannot analyze samples to see if they are organic or not due to the lack of equipment necessary for them.

Given this, to NASA You just have to wait ExoMars from the European Space Agency With its tool capable of analyzing the chemistry of Mars’ soil, which will be launched in 2022.

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