Cubans will be able to request a digital visa to travel to Europe

The Council of the European Union has given its approval for the digitization of visa procedures Schengena procedure that allows applicants to process their visas in a smooth manner Connected.

Spain’s acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande Marlaska, explained in a brief launch “The possibility of applying online for a Schengen visa will represent a significant improvement for citizens and their processing. It will simplify the application process for travellers, and at the same time, it will reduce the burden on national administrations, which will be able to respond with greater agility and efficiency.”

Sources consulted by independent media Diario de Cuba It is stated that all countries require European visa Schengen, Including Cubathey will enter the new system.

On Monday, the Council adopted two provisions: The first rule includes Create a platform for EU visa applications, through which applicants will be able to submit their applications and upload electronic copies of their travel documents, as well as pay the corresponding fees..

the second Eliminates the need to appear in person at the consulate, with a few exceptions, such as those applying for a visa for the first time or whose biometric data is no longer valid.

The current visa sticker will be replaced by a bar code with an encrypted signature.

It could be an opportunity for applicants Visas in Cuba. If the structure is completed and the digital age is entered in terms of visas, it will be an opportunity for people living in the east of the island to not have to go to Havana to submit their files and avoid collapse. Estela Marina Pérez, General Manager of Aristeo Group, explained to Cuban media.

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Once signed, both regulations will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will enter into force twenty days after their publication. Application history New rules The statement said that this will be determined after the completion of the technical development of the visa and digital visa platform.

The Schengen Area is an area of ​​27 European countries in which many internal border controls have been abolished, allowing travelers on this visa to move easily from one member state to another without difficulty.

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