Cubans and Nicaraguans can now apply for humanitarian permits from the United States.

This content was published on Jan 6, 2023 – 19:11

Washington, Jan. 6 (EFE). – The United States on Friday opened procedures for Cubans, Nicaraguans and Haitians to request humanitarian clearance to enter their territory legally, as it has done for Venezuelans since October.

The person in charge of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Blas Núñez Neto, explained in a conference call that in this case, the US embassies are not involved, because it is a process that can be done online and the only thing that is needed is access to the network and an American sponsor.

Núñez Neto stressed that USCIS already has staff “trained and ready” to receive applications from citizens of Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti and confirmed that the system has the capacity to process 30,000 declarations per month.

The person in charge of the Department of Homeland Security stressed that once all formalities are completed and with US travel authorization, recipients must purchase their own tickets to US soil.

Once they receive the Humanitarian Clearance, those affected will be able to reside in the United States for two years with permission to work.

Nunez Neto warned that those who enter the United States or Panama irregularly “will not qualify” for the process and will be subject to expulsion to Mexico.

On Thursday, Washington said it would accept more than 30,000 migrants per month from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, expanding a program for which it already grants humanitarian permits to Venezuelans.

With the inclusion of Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans, the program launched by the United States last October to provide 24,000 permits to Venezuelan migrants while, at the same time, deporting those who cross the border without permission to Mexico has been expanded. EFE

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