Cuban athletics add more victories in the winter season

HAVANA, February 7 (ACN) Cuban Athletics added two more victories this Saturday, this time the Michael Massu and Andy Diaz Championships, at an elite meeting in Metz, France, as a continuation of the presentations on the 2021 Indoor Athletics World Tour.

Masso once again surpassed eight meters in the long jump, now with a height of 8.02 meters, and confirmed that the start recorded just over a week ago in Karlsruhe (Germany) was not a coincidence, as he accompanied his team-mate Juan Miguel Echevarria for the second time.

In the French town he set the winning record on his third attempt, after a foul on the first exit and an 8.01m in the second jump.
He then abandoned the next three jumps, possibly as part of the strategy designed by his coach Daniel Osorio.

Greek Miltiades Tentoglou, the king of Europe in the open air (2018) and indoors (2019), also reached 8.02 meters, but he was behind the Cuban because his second best jump was less (7.99), followed by local Yann Randrianasolo, who at only 7.55 meters was Away from the leaders.

Andy Diaz scored a hat-trick with a personal score of 17.06 meters in the inner rooms, scoring from the first jump, then completing the sequence with 16.99 and 15.89.

As a good start, the bronze medalist’s performance at Lima 2019 Pan-American can be considered, because his experience in this type of theater in closed installations is minimal.

Diaz’s podium companions were Italian Tobia Boquia (16.56) and Portugal’s Thiago Pereira (16.08), respectively.

Jordan Diaz is the other Cuban to announce his engagement on Saturday, but he didn’t eventually appear among the animators.

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For the next nine, the next two Cubans are scheduled to be presented at the Hauts de Pas de Calais gathering in Levin, also on French soil, and the main attraction will be to enjoy Juan Miguel Echevarria again.

The current indoor world champion won in Karlsruhe by 8.18 meters, a record which could improve this time when he is also competing alongside Masu and Lester Liscay.

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