Cuban-American legislators express deep disappointment with the Vatican’s attitude toward Cuban freedom fighters

congressmen Cuban Americans by Florida Maria Elvira SalazarAnd Mario Diaz Balart And Carlos A Jimenez Send a letter to Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See in the United States, where Expressed disappointment of the position Pope Francisco By not speaking out against the oppression of Cubans.

“We write to express our deep disappointment that the Holy Father did not condemn the regime’s heinous violations of the Cuban people, nor did he express solidarity with their demands for freedom.”And Refers to the document.

“The Cuban people have been disappointed by the failure of the leaders of the Catholic Church to support them against oppression, abuse and tyranny. For years, a group of white-robed women, wives, mothers, daughters and other relatives of Cuban Catholic political prisoners, marched to Sunday mass to protest the imprisonment of their husbands, children, fathers and grandfathers,” the text continues.

In addition, former political prisoner Eduardo Cardet, of the Christian Liberation Movement, on the basis of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church founded in Cuba in 1987, declared before the Catholic National Registry on July 20, 2021 that: “The Vatican’s response to the reality of the Cuban people has been weak. It was an evasive, distant, and cold response, with no clear backing. [del Vaticano] For the legitimate demands that we have been asking for for a long time.”

Lawmakers have noticed Comments like these “summarize the views of many Cuban Catholics, both on the island and around the world, who feel abandoned by a church hierarchy that has failed to condemn the Cuban dictatorship’s daily attacks on human dignity.It does not even announce the rights that God has granted to citizens.”

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They noted that “many are also concerned by reports that the Vatican police forcibly confiscated Cuban flags from Cuban believers in St. Peter’s Square, while the flags of many other nationalities remained,” referring to the The Vatican refused entry to dozens of Cubans last Sunday Peter’s Square to witness the ceremony of the angels.

“The Cuban people seek leadership solidarity within the Church to support the oppressed and to affirm the innate dignity of the human spirit. Unfortunately, we see that they were met with indifference from the highest levels of the church hierarchy.”

Days after the events, the Vatican press office announced that the Cubans had gathered in the Vatican I offered him his ticketBut not as protesters.

“Last Sunday, some people wanted to enter St. Peter’s Square for a political demonstration during a spiritual and religious occasion, Angelus Sunday presided over by the Holy Father. As far as we know, they were offered to enter the square as individuals, not as individuals,” the Vatican press office said in a reply sent to Radio and TV Marty.

The demonstration was intended to pray for freedom and to draw the Pope’s attention to the repression in Cuba. Its promoter, Cuban influencer Alexandre Otaola, denounced the situation as different from what the Vatican explained. For him, the Cuban regime would be behind what happened.

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