Cuba wins the 2021 World Travel Awards as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean (+ video)

Cuba has been recognized as the 2021 Best Cultural Destination in the Caribbean by the World Travel Awards, which are awards given annually by an international jury of experts associated with the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Cubadebate portal notes.

As a cultural destination, Cuba offers travelers a myriad of tourist attractions, among them World Heritage cities such as Havana (west), Trinidad (central), and Santiago de Cuba (east); Musical and dance expressions of great value such as son, rumba and Tumba Francesa, confirms the digital magazine Buen Viaje a Cuba.

Added to this are massive architectural specimens in different cities and vibrant life in the squares and streets, temporarily halted by the COVID-19 pandemic but already showing encouraging signs of recovery.

In the Caribbean island, many establishments and entities have also received these awards, which are the Oscars for tourism. For the Best Hotel in Cuba category, the National Hotel was honored, the flagship of accommodations celebrating this year’s 91st anniversary (December 30, 1930).

As the best suite, the presidential lorca was hoisted at the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski in Havana, and in the Best Vacation Resort section, the award went to MeliĆ” Las Dunas on Cayo Santa Maria (North Center).

For their part, the agencies Inbound Cuba (tour operator), Cuba Direct (travel agency) and CubaForTravel (the comprehensive travel management of this nation) were awarded as leaders.

Carmen Torres Photo Editor

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